My approach to writing is grounded in strategy and storytelling. First, I listen to your needs. Then, I create content that is custom-tailored to meet your goals and connect with your audience.



As a writer, I follow two basic principles: write with a reader in mind, and write to achieve an intended purpose.

Whether the task is a comprehensive report or a blog post, I work with you to pinpoint your audience and goals. Who do you want to reach? What kind of action or response do you want to inspire from the reader?

I help you consider your project as not an isolated task, but a strategic tool that can support your overall mission, goals, and messaging.

Once we agree on a strategy, I write the content, you review, and I revise as needed.

I also provide editing services for content you already have written that just needs polishing. Editing can mean everything from basic proofreading to more intense revision that improves the style and flow of your writing.

Before starting any editing project, I always review your content in advance and reach an agreement with you on the type of editing desired, estimated hours, and fees.

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Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways that we as humans have to connect with one another. A well-told story can help us see people and events in new and different ways, and even compel us to take actions that we might not have considered otherwise.

For various reasons, many organizations and businesses overlook their own stories and do not reap the benefits that storytelling can bring.

As a writer who’s trained to find stories, I can help you uncover yours and use the power of storytelling to transform how your organization works and communicates.

What if your supporters could connect more deeply to your work by better understanding the value and impact you provide?

What if you couldn’t stop your board members from telling the story of your mission, impact, and strategy to everyone they met?

What if storytelling was ingrained in your staff’s culture, helping to form deeper bonds between staff members and establish stronger ties to their work?

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